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The copywriting thing

I work at explaining things in a way that everyone can understand. In clear language, with a defined strategy.


As easy, as complex, as that.


If you’re here because you’ve heard that copywriting will help you improve your sales, I’m going to tell you something that you might want to burn into your heart:


The only decent way to sell is to tell the truth.

But making the truth interesting.

Here’s an example.


Warren Buffett is an American tycoon, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. One of the world’s most prestigious investors. And an ultra-millionaire.




This gentleman writes a letter every February to his shareholders, in email format. There he explains his thoughts and opinions about his business and also gives a general overview of the global economy, what’s going on in the financial sector.


It’s boring stuff if you don’t understand economics and don’t care about it.


But he does something different, something almost unusual in this world.


The way he writes this email is simple and even entertaining. 


I remind you that he talks about complex business ideas, interest rates, the stock market, shares up and down, percentages and numbers. A lot of stuff.


Well, he takes all this information and makes it accessible to the public. To all audiences.




Because when he writes that letter, he’s not thinking about all those shareholders and Wall Street wolves. He is not thinking about bitcoins or about people who study graphs and live by and for figures.


He is thinking about something else.


He is thinking about Doris, his sister.


He himself confessed:

“Doris is smart and reads a lot. She doesn’t know all the financial jargon, but she doesn’t want to be treated like a 5 year old. I try to say on paper what I’d tell her about the business if we sat down for an afternoon”.



This is a very important lesson. Of sales. Of copywriting. Of life.


It doesn’t matter what you sell, the important thing is how you do it.


That’s why Warren’s strategy is brilliant.


If you want that strategy, it’s one of two things. You can try it yourself or you can hire me.


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Copywriting is not about making it pretty, it’s about making it work. And for that you need strategy. And psychology. And market research. And patience and drafts and edits.


I can’t promise you success, record sales, and enormous wealth. To tell you that would be to lie to you, and that’s ugly. So what I promise is to make the process easy and practical for your business to improve, even a little.