I am - Selipsis



You have to fit in what is secure and normal.


You know: career and job for life.


Civil servant.


I don’t know if it was to fit in or to go with the flow that I finished a degree and two masters.


And then?


Then I worked. As a civil servant.


And then?


Then I got fed up, or tired of it, which sounds more refined.


And I changed country. And language. And profession.


And I made sure that civil servant jobs are for civil servants.


I was something else.


As you can see, I have been confused or rather obsessed with having a permanent job and the security and depression that comes afterwards for having wasted your life.


The fact is that I said no. No to everything.


And here I am. In a country where every time it’s sunny, it’s in the newspapers.



I should be teaching right now.


Plot twist.


I listened to the little voice inside me that told me: that’s the wrong way to go.


If this is important to you: you should know that I don’t have a degree that says I’m a copywriter.


I have other titles that say I am other things I don’t want to be.


But to be what I am now, I’ve trained myself.


I have invested a lot of everything learning what I didn’t know and daring what I didn’t dare. And reading and applying and trying and improving. Always.


So now I am not a civil servant, but I serve much better.


I work so that people like you, in their texts, websites, emails, advertisements, communicate what they want to communicate and that this has a close relationship with the health of their business.


A business that knows how to communicate is a healthy business.

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