Copywriting to sell more?

The text, the message, the words. An important part of the sale resides there.


It may not make sense to you.


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To better explain why copywriting is so effective for selling, I’m going to talk about something you may have had at one time or may even have kept in a drawer.


The Power Balance.


It was something similar to what they give you in hotels when you sign up for the all-inclusive package: a little plastic wristband.


But of course, how could they sell something so simple and horrible?


They gave it a twist and said the wristbands had a hologram on them.


A hologram?


Yes, a hologram that emitted frequencies that helped you improve your balance, strength, flexibility and well-being in general.


Wow, these were no longer just soft plastic bracelets, but magic ones.


So ridiculous.


But people bought it. And the sales potential of the power balance was brutal.


Then it was discovered that it was all a scam and nonsense and of course, no holograms, no balance, no wellbeing.


What I mean is that it doesn’t matter what you sell, the price, your competition, your colour palette or whether you use an alarm in the morning.


The important thing here is how you sell it. How you communicate.


This is so important that whether many, or few, people buy it depends on it.


Now, a little clarification: if your product or service is crap or a scam, don’t bother trying to sell it, it’s not right to fraud.


But if you believe that what you have is good, that it’s worth it… I can offer you:

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If you were wondering what copywriting is for and you’ve reached the end of this page… you’ve got your answer.


P.S. It’s to keep you reading.


P.S.2. See? What they say about people not reading: a lie. They read what interests them. And if your texts are engaging… they will read them until the end.

   And who am I?

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