Hi, I’m Sélica, nice to meet you. Although right now this is totally irrelevant.


What is really relevant is that here you can discover how, by improving your texts, you can increase your sales.


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Before I go on, a quick note.


I am a copywriter.


Copywriting is the technique of writing to sell. As it is. With copy, what you achieve is to sell more. Maybe you’re familiar with the idea of connecting with the audience, making customers fall in love… well, there’s no need to romanticise. The objective is not to write beautiful and delicate. The aim is to incite to action. Whatever it is.


So I write so that my clients sell more and better, and therefore make more money.


And so do I.


This is the proven technique that will increase your sales: copywriting.


That’s why I send emails. So you can find out what you can do to improve how you communicate, and if not, hire my services.


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The point is that everything will be related to copywriting. All spun with copy.


And, if you read, re-read and put into practice, you will discover ideas to improve your persuasion, sales, digital marketing and copywriting abilities.

Another note.


It is important for you to know that I am not the genie of the lamp nor that copywriting is the holy grail. If your business doesn’t have a firm foundation, a plan, a sense, not even with the best copy in the world you will get good results.


But if, on the other hand, you have everything in place, you will be surprised how much copywriting can improve your business.


You may have heard that buying is a logical process. No, it is not. You buy with emotion and then justify it with reason. You see, if you buy a car, what you like are the leather seats, the huge tactile screen, the smell of new, the speed… that’s what captivates you, then you justify the bank statement with the safety of the two thousand airbags, the sustainability, the low consumption… it could be said that selling, or copywriting, is controlling emotions and influencing the emotions of others.


In a nutshell:


If you think persuasive writing is about pressure and manipulation, this is not for you. However, if you think copy is about explaining things in such a clear, understandable and powerful way that it creates a mental image in the customer’s mind and they have no choice but to give you their money, you’re going to enjoy the emails.

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