This is NOT a simple writing service

It is communication, persuasion, ideas and even design.

All of that is copywriting and is part of the process.

You want your audience to pay attention to you.


You think your tone of voice doesn’t match your brand.


You don’t like your texts, you think they are boring.


Your paid campaigns are not getting very good results.


Writing for you is a bit of a tedious task and you would rather tear out your eyelashes than get down to it, and you want to delegate this job right now. 


Glad that you understand the importance of copywriting. 

You may be reading this page right now for five thousand reasons.


Well, maybe not that many. Five thousand is a big number.


Five thousand pounds, Five thousand miles and five thousand advertising impacts.


As you read it, five thousand advertising impacts, on average, are what we receive per day.


On Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TV, bus stops, radio…. 


All the time. 


We are so used to this that it is very difficult for us to stop at a specific advert, to look at it, to read it. 


And the same happens with websites, emails and posts.




Unless they have something that catches your attention, something that makes you stop for a moment.


That’s the whole point of copywriting: to grab the reader’s attention.


But wasn’t the goal the sale? 

Sales too. 


But first you have to grab the attention, without that everything else can’t come. 


I am very happy that you understand the importance and the positive effect copywriting can have on your business. That’s why I’m going to stop talking and introduce you to my copywriting services, from me to you.


You can choose whatever you want, whatever suits you best at this moment. As soon as you click on the form you will know what I can offer you. 

And for how much, Sélica, for how much?

It depens.


It depends entirely on the project and what you want me to do.


You will understand that it is not the same to create the texts for an entire website, as it is to review your proposals, write budgets, prepare a sequence of emails… 


So it depends.


I’ll tell you as soon as I know what you need. 


To see what’s on the menu, click here and fill in the form.


And if you want to read on, an important clarification.

I won’t be able to work with you if…



• You are not clear about your project, your business has no basis, you don’t really know who you are, what you sell and in what way. 



• What you sell is of questionable quality.



• You want the results yesterday. Copywriting takes time. I can’t produce good texts if I don’t previously spend hours researching your sector, competition, keywords…



• You are not willing to invest in your business. If you want cheap copywriting I can recommend a couple of websites that offer this type of service, if that’s what you’re looking for.


If you have come this far, agree with everything and want to continue and invest in copywriting services, click on the next and last button.

© Selipsis by Sélica Puchades