The order of factors does affect your brand

And they can turn it into a Frankenstein formed by unconnected pieces trying to work at the same time.

Error - Horror

Your intention is good, the result not so much.

You have a project in mind. It’s been alone in your head for too long, so you take the plunge. You sit down in front of the computer and search for what you think is a first step: “create a logo”. 220,000,000 results. You think: I’ll hang myself. But you don’t have time and you go ahead and find tutorials, image banks, design agencies and even an ad on Facebook. And you try. And you succeed. First element: done.


Second element: a website. “I really need this”. The same thing again: computer, search. 757,000,000 results. Are you kidding? Courage. You find more tutorials, other websites, many professionals and words like WordPress are added to your dictionary, or to your blacklist. You got it. You contact. Price is right. They’re nice. You go ahead. And you get an email with the third and fourth element: they ask you when you can send them the text and images. What? Blackout. The fifth element is Bruce Willis, who you hope will come and get you out of this mess.


Nothing against Frank as a fictional character.
Everything against experimenting with your project.

Your business is serious. It is not an experiment where you mix ideas, concepts and styles without any order or coherence. Nor is it putting together elements without any criteria beyond “I like it – I don’t like it”. Something created in this way cannot work and if it does, it will not be as you imagined. Note that Frankenstein also walked and talked… but how. He was neither for a runaway nor for reciting Shakespeare.


When you hire design with one professional, web development with another and copywriting with another, what you get is not a functional project, it’s a Frankenstein formed by unconnected pieces trying to work at the same time. What is missing is connection. A common thread that makes all the elements pull in the same direction. 

The proposal

Corporate Identity + Design + Copywriting for your website for 3400£

The brand concept must be logical enough for all the other elements to orbit around it in a coordinated and connected way. Searching for and finding these elements to launch your project should not be torture. Putting them together and making them cohesive, neither. 


Besides, unless you have a revolutionary idea never seen before by mankind, there will be plenty of businesses like yours. All the same. And that’s not bad, you just have to make them choose you and not the one next door. Maybe you can do it by being different, appealing, offering quality, trust, confidence and… transmitting it. 


The proposal is just to offer you what you need to make your project unique, functional and meaningful. So that your brand has a great look, a silver tongue and is displayed on a website to show it off.


We will research and define a strategy to find your strengths and bring them to the light as Carol Anne.



You will have a logo that does justice to your project and a visual universe that envelops it, that gives it sparkle and makes it shine.



Your brand needs to speak and speak well. With the right tone and the right words. With clear concepts and direct messages. 



After all this process we will get to know your project as if it were our own and we will know how to tell your story. You will have the visual and verbal content of the pages you need for your website: Home, About me, Services and Contact. All well placed and laid out. You will only have to copy and paste. 


All the above form a powerful base and costs 3400£


Of spicy, mayo or pickles. Your base is created, add whatever you need

You’ve got your brand identity done and your website content finished. Where else do you want your new look to shine? Social Media? Emails? Sales page? Any extras you need will be added to the initial budget, in case there was any doubt.


→ Instagram

Good plan. We can give it a makeover, give you some guidelines to get your brand noticed or create templates to make posting a breeze.  


→ More pages in the website

We create the content for a 4-page website (Home, Services, About me, Contact). If you need more pages, add them as extras.


→ Others

This service is 100% personalised and customisable, just like setting up a Sims house. 


Who is behind the Anti-Frankenstein project?

Not one, but two brains working to create your brand, your identity and your content for your website. 


→  Arantza, designer

→  Sélica, copywriter


Each is good at one thing. That’s why each one is dedicated to that thing. Coherent, isn’t it? Being in continuous communication, what one designs and what the other writes makes perfect sense. It fits, it matches, it complements each other.  

“We’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe… designs losing all their potential by being accompanied by text with no head or tail, and text that was no longer effective when coupled with indecent design.”

This is how nothing stands out. That’s how a Frankenstein is formed. 


A brand has to make sense. And it has to be represented on the website. With the visual and the words. A perfect mix, like copy and design when they complement each other.

Unsolved questions

Now resolved

I already have a website, but I would burn it down. I don't like it at all and I want to renew it. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. We accept projects that are about to start and projects that are about to be renewed. The process is the same and so is the result.

Do I have to pay all at once?

Not in one round. In two. 50% before starting and 50% at the end. 

So you don't put the content on the website?

As a general rule, no. We send you a document where everything is organised and schematised so that you only have to copy and paste it into your website, if you do it yourself, or pass it on to your trusted website developer. We will also send you a mock-up of your website so you can see how it will look. 


But if you need us to place all the content on your website and you use WordPress, we can do it.

Once this service is booked, what are the next steps?

Talk + Briefing: emails, call or videocall. This point is key to gather all the necessary information.



Idea + Drafts: once the concept is defined, we will start creating the drafts. The first bricks that will support your brand.



Revisions: this is where the “speak now or forever hold your peace” comes in. We’ll make improvements and change anything that doesn’t suit you until we find something you’re happy with.



Delivery: the end point. Your brand identity, original files and a mock-up of your website.

How long do I have to wait to get my brand and website content?

It would take 2 weeks to set up a Frankenstein project. Maybe less. To assemble the antithesis of that, a bit more. Between 5 and 9 weeks.

All good? All clear? Doubts? Fears? Truths? Dares?

You can fill in this form. You will receive a reply within 48 hours.